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ROBERT ADAMSKI: Hello. I'm attorney Robert Adamski. Since 1979, I have practiced inheritance law and real estate law throughout the State of Florida from my office in Southwest Florida. Inheritance law includes counseling clients and planning their estates, preparation of wills and trusts, tax planning, as well as enforcing inheritance rights.

I have helped thousands of clients plan their estates and handled more than 1,000 inheritance disputes, both in and out of the courtroom. In planning estates, my goal is to see the client's vision set in motion and to protect the client and beneficiaries from inheritance disputes.

Real estate is closely related to inheritance law. My real estate practice includes assisting clients in all manner of real estate sales and purchases, creating corporations and limited liability companies, land trusts, handling tax deeds, quiet title actions, title insurance and foreclosures.

My practice includes not only what is known as office practice, which describes work we lawyers do in the office, but also litigation practice, which requires a variety of courtroom skills.

Our firm prides itself on professionalism and leadership in the legal community, as well as being of service to our community as a whole. It is our pleasure and privilege to serve our clients and our community.

[GRAPHIC: Robert C. Adamski, Inheritance Lawyer, Serving Florida Since 1979]