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If you are worried about your loved one's affairs regarding his or her finances and property, a guardianship may be an appropriate option to consider. With a guardianship, you are able to protect your loved ones from people attempting to take advantage of them.

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Voluntary and Involuntary Guardianship Attorneys Serving Florida

Whether you wish to create a voluntary or involuntary guardianship, an experienced Cape Coral attorney can help. Voluntary guardianships can be established by a physically incapacitated person as long as he or she is competent to do so. At my law office, I can assist you in obtaining letters from physicians stating their opinion as to the individual's competence and ensure that the judge receives these documents to review.

The involuntary guardianship process is different. A person's due process rights are protected throughout the proceedings.

When making its determination, the court will ask a panel of three professionals to evaluate the psychological and physical health of the person for whom the guardianship is being proposed. Typically, a review panel is composed of a psychiatrist, nurse practitioner and a psychiatric nurse. After the court receives the report submitted by the panel, a judge will determine if a guardianship is appropriate.

Determining Whether a Guardian Is Appropriate in Florida

A judge may consider a less restrictive form of supervision over a person such as a power of attorney. He or she may also appoint a guardian solely over property, solely over finances, or both. I will be by your side throughout the entire guardianship process to answer your questions and explain all of your options.

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