Cape Coral Real Estate Litigation Attorney

The development, ownership, sale or purchase of real property can, unfortunately, lead to disputes that can only be resolved through litigation.

Real estate litigation can result from complex title issues, commercial leases, property insurance, broker listing agreements, loan agreements and mortgages. Government regulations can also trigger litigation arising from guidelines in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

My name is Robert C. Adamski. Whatever the reason for the real estate litigation in your present and future, my veteran Florida law firm can be of the same assistance that we have been to both Florida residents and out-of-state clients for almost 30 years.

The competence, experience and diligence that my practice is well-known for make my Cape Coral law offices qualified to handle your real estate litigation. Be in touch today. I can help.

Quality Real Estate Litigation for You

I have successfully represented real estate clients at every level of the Florida court system. I have the knowledge, negotiating skills, access to resources and tireless client commitment that can get results for you in litigation categories such as:

  • Enforcing or defending contracts or dispute over contract terms.
  • Enforcing or defending the failure to complete or close a transaction, known as actions for Specific Performance.
  • Quiet title actions to clear title defects resulting from tax deed sales or mistakes in previous transactions.
  • Disputes between owners in selling a property, known as Partition Actions, to force a sale and divide the proceeds.
  • Foreclosures and defense of foreclosures.
  • Boundary line disputes.
  • Land use disputes and Code Enforcement actions against landowners.
  • Homeowners' Association disputes and actions by or against the association.

My ongoing track record of success includes the ability to handle matters like commercial lease disputes, building and construction insurance coverage disputes, construction litigation and mechanic's lien litigation. My firm's versatility will come in handy if more than one of these concerns has converged upon your family or business.

My extensive trial experience and talents for seeking consensus can work to your favor in a real estate litigation situation. I look forward to hearing the details of the dispute you are faced with, and to helping resolve it so that you and those close to you can look to the future.

Arrange Your Initial Consultation

I am Robert C. Adamski, and you should contact me by phone, fax or e-mail to arrange your initial consultation about your pending real estate dispute. I want to hear all the details so we can press for the kind of resolution you have been looking for.