Cape Coral Real Estate Closing Lawyer

Since 1979, my full-service Cape Coral law offices' real estate practice has helped families to buy homes and condominiums throughout our great state of Florida. We take the worry out of the need to contend with the complex network of laws governing Florida homestead property, wills, trusts and probate.

I am Robert C. Adamski. I am a partner at the oldest established law office in Cape Coral, and one reason why is the quality representation extended to my real estate clients, especially in the field of closings. For instance, lawyers in other states often refer me to clients who own property in Florida, but do not live here year-round. In most cases, I can complete real estate closings and probate proceeding without the need for my clients to travel to Florida.

If you want to see how my competence, experience and diligence can be put to work in closing your residential or commercial real estate transaction, contact me for an initial consultation so we can discuss how I can help you.

Real Estate Closings Services

The final act in the purchase or sale of a home can be extremely complicated, with substantial amounts of money changing hands and equally substantial obligations between individuals spelled out in accordance with state and federal requirements.

I have almost 30 years experience in attending to the most minute detail of real estate closings, answering clients' questions, and keeping them informed along the way. I draft and review contracts, disclosure statements and loan documents; prepare closing documents; see to title insurance commitments; advise as to closing expenses and proceeds distributions; and monitor contingency and cancellation deadlines, among many other related closings duties.


For Florida real estate closing services that are second to none, from a veteran real estate lawyer with almost 30 years of service to countless Floridians, contact my law offices in Cape Coral.

I am available throughout the week to clients throughout the state by phone, fax and e-mail. I return after-hours calls promptly, and Spanish is spoken in my office.