Cape Coral Internet & Distant Services Lawyer

I am Robert C. Adamski, and I represent a large number of out-of-state clients who own property in Florida, are interested in purchasing real estate here or have an elderly parent living somewhere in the state. Recognizing the importance of convenience for these clients, I regularly conduct a majority of my out-of-state business via email, fax or telephone.

In matters related to estate planning and probate, I rarely need to meet my out-of-state clients since most issues can be handled through the filing of necessary documents with the court. In real estate cases, my office coordinates communications and the exchange of legal documents between buyers, sellers, banks, title companies and insurers. Again, in a large number of instances, it's not necessary for out-of-state clients to come to my office to handle the legal side of a real estate deal.

I am committed to providing efficient and convenient legal representation for out-of-state clients, especially in matters related to real estate and probate. Contact my office to learn more about my distant and internet legal services. I've handled real estate and estate planning matters in Florida for over 30 years.

Internet Legal Representation and Distant Services

My office counsels and represents out-of-state clients in the following legal matters:

  • Real estate purchase or sale
  • Development of real estate property
  • Real estate title search
  • Establishment of a trust
  • Creation of a will
  • Elder law issues and Medicaid planning
  • Probate administration
  • Contested wills

Contact Real Estate and Probate Lawyer Robert C. Adamski

If you live out-of-state and require sound legal representation, contact me, attorney Robert C. Adamski. I can evaluate your case over the phone and determine whether or not you will need to travel to Florida. Since most legal requirements can be handled remotely, I may be able to save you both time and money.