Florida Estate Planning Attorney for Young Families

Newlyweds and Young Families With Children

If you or your spouse passes away, the impact on surviving family members can be significant from both an emotional and financial perspective. A comprehensive estate plan can help minimize this impact by securing assets for your family, facilitating the probate process and establishing guardianships for your children. In addition, should an accident or illness leave you disabled, a living will or healthcare proxy can make end-of-life decisions much less difficult for your family.

I am attorney Robert C. Adamski, and I've been helping families establish estate plans that protect their loved ones for more than 30 years. I regularly consult with financial planners, tax experts and other professionals to create customized estate plans that meet the unique needs of my clients. Contact my law firm for an initial consultation.

Planning for an Unexpected Death in the Family

Regardless of how much or how little you have earned in your lives together so far, your present and future interests should be protected and projected to a time when your children will be making their own ways in the world. Your children will thank you for the time you devoted to your estate planning today. We can explain all the tools that will help you, including:

I have served the estate planning needs of young and old throughout Florida for more than 30 years and I will help you plan for your future.

Living for Today and Tomorrow in Florida

The most important thing that I, as an experienced attorney, could ever tell a young couple with small children is that your estate planning is as important to your growing family's long-term future as your house or car payments, life insurance policies or retirement plans are in the here-and-now.

Part of your commitment to your family involves living for today, yes, but also providing for the future. Discussing your estate planning priorities before visiting my offices should be something to be enjoyed, not avoided. The naming of guardians and beneficiaries, or recipients of a transfer of property, can be approached with creativity. And my many younger estate planning clients will tell you that the subject does not have to be morbid just because it is based on mortality. It can be a labor of love that starts with optimism and ends with total peace of mind.

In between, there will be changes in your estate, and estate plan changes to match the positive ones in your life. The document grows as your hopes, dreams and children do. I look forward to helping you with those revisions and updates.

The Gift of Financial Security

I often hear "expense" used as a reason that young families give for postponing estate planning. I would respectfully ask that you consider it a gift, to show how much you love those closest to you. And you could actually give it as a gift too, for holidays or a special birthday from a parent to a child, or grandparent to grandchildren. What present, what treasure could better express, and in such a lasting way, your feelings for relatives and loved ones?

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At my Cape Coral law offices, I want to be of service to the estate planning needs of young Florida families, just as I have helped a multitude of clients across the state for more than 30 years. Contact me, Robert C. Adamski, today by phone, fax or e-mail to schedule your free initial consultation. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.