Cape Coral Asset Protection Attorney

At the law offices of Burandt, Adamski, & Feichthaler, PL, in Cape Coral, we work with individuals to properly protect their assets. It is important to secure your property so that is it safe from judgments, garnishments and other issues that may arise.

I am attorney Robert C. Adamski, and I have been helping families establish estate plans that provide asset protection for more than 30 years. I regularly consult with financial planners, tax experts and other professionals to create customized estate plans that meet the unique needs of my clients. Contact my law firm for an initial consultation.

Providing Insulations From Creditors and Other Parties

As an asset protection attorney in Florida, I know how to properly provide you with homestead protection and offshore asset protection. Your property is important and you have the right to protect it.

If you have creditors attempting to come after your property, you can rely on me to show you all available asset protection options. If you come to me prior to creditors trying to seize your assets, we can build a strong plan that will prevent future problems from arising.

How Does Asset Protection Work?

The prime time to initiate an asset protection plan is before a claim on your property arises. At my Florida property protection law firm, I will explain your rights under Florida law and help secure the best plan depending on your situation. Strategies for securing your interests in your belongings can start with a solid estate plan and by using different types of trusts.

It is critical to understand that asset protection does not include tax evasion or hiding assets from the court or other individuals. It is the process of using Florida statutes to insulate your wealth from creditors, legally. If you wait too long to pursue the proper security, the chance for protection could be lost.

Contact a Florida Asset Protection Lawyer

I have served the estate planning and asset protection needs of clients throughout Florida for more than 30 years. Call, fax or e-mail me today to set up your initial consultation, so we can discuss your current pressing legal issue. I return after-hours communications promptly. Initial consults are free to estate planning and administration clients and Spanish interpreters are available.