Is Your Inheritance at Risk?

Inheritance Hijackers Book CoverOne Hundred Trillion Dollars will pass by inheritance during the next twenty years. Much of it will be stolen by family members, close associates and trusted advisors.

Giving an inheritance is the last thing you will do on Earth and one of the most important. Everyone should do it right. People fall victim to undue influence, fraud, forgery, destruction of documents, coercion and duress without notice or the opportunity to protect themselves.

Attorney Adamski wrote INHERITANCE HIJACKERS: Who Wants to Steal Your Inheritance and How to Protect It to warn people of the risk and teach themselves how to protect the inheritance they intend to give or expect to receive.

Giving or receiving an inheritance is a once in a lifetime experience for most people. There is no chance to learn by experience, and people rarely discuss inheritance issues. Consequently, theft of an inheritance is a complete surprise to the victims who never saw it coming. Assessing whether you are at risk is the first step in protecting your family.

Take the Inheritance Risk Quiz at Attorney Adamski's website, www.ProtectYourEstate.Net to learn the risk to the inheritance you intend to give or expect to receive.